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As you step into this next chapter of life as a Reiki Master, you’re opening yourself up for more spiritual growth and transformation. You will notice significant shifts as your energetic self expands, supporting this new growth and healing that will

be taking place within you and around you. Your relationship with your Guides, Angels and your intuition will further deepen. This is a time to trust yourself and Spirit as you are guided forward as a Reiki Master.


This comprehensive course includes:

  • Reiki Master Manual
  • Review of Reiki I & II
  • Access to our Reiki Facebook Group
  • Learn 2 more Reiki Symbols
  • How to give attunements
  • Cord Cutting
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Receive Attunement
  • Certificate of Completion


If you took Reiki II with another teacher, you’re still welcome! Please email me a copy of your certificate from Reiki II. In order to enroll in the Reiki Master training, you must be a Reiki Practitioner for a minimum of 6-months, and have memorized the symbols learned in Reiki II. 


I am honored to be the one you choose as your Reiki teacher. My goal is to empower you and support you, so you are the best Reiki Master you can be!


***The Reiki Master training is offered based on interest. 2024 date and location TBD. Email to be added to the waitlist to attend. Do NOT purchase through the website.***


Reiki Master Training

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