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Numbers hold the cosmic code of the universe. Scientists have learned this, but it was known and used as far back as the times of Pythagoras, who is considered the father of Numerology. Numerology unlocks the secrets of your five core numbers to explore what your best career choices are, the purpose in your life, your secret longings, the image you project to others, and the midlife direction offered by your Maturity number. Every number has its own specific energies and characteristics which work together to shape who you are and what you came to experience in this lifetime. 

You can use numerology charts to better understand yourself, your partner, your children or other family members, and even your boss. When you better understand what motivates people, then you can better understand how to interact with them, even the person you see in the mirror each day!! The chart consists of your 5 core numbers, Life path, Destiny, Personality, Soul number and Maturity number. Also included are your birth day, now year, Cornerstone letter, capstone letter, and several more. This is a wonderful way to better understand why you act and react the way you do to every element of life! 

***Once purchased, Leslie will reach out to you directly to gather your info and schedule a time to go over your chart. If you have not been contacted within 48 hours of purchase, please email:***

Numerology Chart Reading w/ Leslie

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