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Simply put, Tarot cards are a means of predicting events or receiving guidance in both our inner(spiritual) and outer (manifest) world. The Tarot deck consists of seventy-eight cards . Each deck is illustrated with symbols that depict experiences we’ve all had or could have at one time or another. Each deck has a major and minor arcana, and contains four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Think of them as stories conveyed in pictures. I believe that there is a higher wisdom or universal truth that we can all tap in to, and that there are many methods of accessing this information. One of the easiest ways, (but by no means the only way) is through the Tarot. Since our minds think in symbols, it’s only logical that cards that tell stories through symbols could enhance our intuition. I will be using the Rider-Waite deck to teach so I ask that you use that deck also, or a deck that has the same pictures, as we will be looking at each card separately and learning keywords for each card to help you begin your journey with the Tarot. Join me for this walk through the Major and Minor Arcana and you may just learn a lot about yourself in the process!!  

Now offered every Wednesday in April 2022! (The 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th from 7pm-8:30pm ET.)

***Class is held in person at our healing space in Cornelius and via Zoom. Recordings for each class is also available! Email, to register for the class!***

Learn Tarot w/ Leslie- 4 Week Course

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