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Reiki 1

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This course is for those ready to embark on their journey with Traditional Usui Reiki I, which focuses on self-healing. This comprehensive course includes in-depth education on everything you need to know to feel confident in not only giving Reiki to yourself but to others as well. Mel also shares years of personal experiences so you can learn firsthand how to apply Reiki in your everyday life, along with how to elevate your self-awareness and self-care. This course is SELF-PACED so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Once you have completed the required videos, you will schedule your 30-minute 1-1 Zoom with Mel. During this time, you will receive your Attunement, which will allow you to access the Reiki energy, and give you the opportunity to ask Mel any questions you have about the curriculum or the information provided. After your Attunement, you will receive a certificate of completion and from that day forward, let Reiki guide you in all that you do. ***Please carefully read through the curriculum outline before purchasing. Due to the downloadable material in this course, along with the hours of video content provided, a refund will not be issued after the purchase has been made.***

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"Mel Braun with SoulFull Co is an insightful, gifted, and inspiring teacher. Her passion for reiki and for helping others make the course come to life. After receiving several reiki treatments that tremendously improved my life, I decided to become reiki certified to provide healing energy to my family and myself on a regular basis and as needed for more acute situations. I believe everyone should become certified in reiki and know it would help the world as a whole. The Reiki 1 course and attunement was so amazing that I went on to take the additional Reiki trainings through the master level with Mel. It’s life-changing.”




"Learning Reiki 1 with Mel was such an amazing experience. I’ve always been interested in learning new ways to heal myself and to help others. With all the stress we carry around daily, Reiki is a fantastic therapy to help reduce our stress and toxin load. I can’t wait to take Reiki II!”




“Taking Reiki 1 with Mel changed my life and introduced me to a whole new world of energy! She is a loving teacher and supports you the whole way. I’m so grateful to have learned reiki with her and continue to be enriched by her expertise. Because of this course, I have continued to deepen my knowledge and integrate my skills into my business- expanding it beyond what I had imagined before!”

- Rachel

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