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Welcome to SoulFull Co.

Where our approach is healing yourself from within by focusing on overall wellness of the mind, body and spirit.
By unlocking the depths of your true potential through guided meditations, caring for yourself in a new way with fitness classes and bringing awareness through
Reiki healing, you will experience total wellness.
Bring balance into all aspects of your life and
feel renewed like never before.

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Fitness Classes


Reiki Healing

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What is Reiki?

The term "Reiki" in English means "Soul Energy". Reiki focuses on balancing the energy within the body. This is an excellent healing system as it removes toxins from the body however, it is also a great relaxation technique.

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SoulFull Holistic Treatment

Toxins are absorbed into the body in different ways; it can be absorbed by what you put on your skin, what you eat and what you breathe.  Toxins can have many negative effects on your body. You may notice it's hard to concentrate, you may suffer from headaches, experience mood issues or cravings, just to name a few. Too many toxins in the body can cause illness and your overall health can suffer. Reiki is a holistic approach, as the toxins are eliminated in your body through the lymphatic system, sweat and gastric juices. This allows your body to heal and operate at its highest capacity.

SoulFull Services

Reiki Services
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A SoulFull Promise to You!

We care about your overall well-being and will provide you with the guidance you need. Now is your time to feel renewed like never before.

Reiki Sessions
In Person

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60-Minute Session
Couples Session
Animal Healing

Distant Healing
Via Phone or Zoom Call

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45-Minute Session
Animal Healing
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Fitness Classes
Via Zoom 


Why SoulFull Sweat:

Mel is passionate about keeping you motivated and inspired whether you are pressing play for On-Demand or attending real-time via Zoom; she is right there with you. Her verbal ques and directions are easy to follow so whether you are a beginner to working out or a sweat junkie, you will feel empowered to keep going. Her energetic classes are fun, upbeat and you may even have a little dance party along the way! No more boring workouts! In these classes you will stretch, gain strength, get your cardio fix and bring mindfulness in meditations. Everything you’ve been looking for to bring balance into your life is right here! Sign up today to receive your first week FREE!

IMG_4959 copia.heic
IMG_4959 copia.heic

SoulFull Sweat HIIT:

HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”. In these classes you can expect to keep your heart rate and intensity high (modifications are offered) for a burst of time with short breaks in between. Yoga postures, strength training and weights/ bands are incorporated with an emphasis on cardio. These classes are designed to combine flexibility with strength and cardio. Each class ends with a cool-down stretch and you will wonder where the time went! ALL levels are welcome.

IMG_4945 copia.heic
IMG_4945 copia.heic

SoulFull Sweat Power:

These classes focus on strength training using weights, bands, body weight and yoga postures that will enhance your flexibility and get your heart rate up! No prior yoga experience or knowledge is required. Each class ends with a cool-down stretch and you will leave excited for the next class! ALL levels are welcome.

IMG_4974 copia.heic
IMG_4974 copia.heic

SoulFull Sweat Yoga:

You will be grateful you showed up to the mat as you allow your breath to guide you through each yoga posture. Vinyasa, slow flow and deep stretch classes are offered that are sure to increase your flexibility, mobility, stretch and mental clarity. These classes are a great way to start or end your day with positivity. No prior yoga experience or knowledge required. ALL levels are welcome.

IMG_4987 copia2.jpg
IMG_4987 copia2.jpg

SoulFull Sweat Meditation:

Set aside the responsibilities of the day and bring yourself back to the present moment with these guided meditations. Let go, reset and calm the monkey mind. New to meditation? No problem! You will be a pro before you know it.


Mel Braun
Reiki Master | 200-Hour YTT | Certified Meditation Instructor .

Mel's approach to healing yourself from within is attention to overall wellness. She focuses on intuitive healing as a Medical Reiki Master, which helps clients unlock the depths of their individual healing journey. Teaching her clients mindfulness and self-awareness as a Certified Meditation Instructor, is another tool her clients have found beneficial to incorporate in their day-to-day, along with her online fitness classes that feature Yoga, HIIT, Strength Training and Guided Meditations as a 200-Hour YTT. Experience total wellness by bringing balance into all aspects of your life with Mel.



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